Mũi Né Bay Resort – A fancy castle in Mũi Né’s best tranquil corner

Dating back long before the name Vietnam is significantly recognized on the Worldwide map of the wanderlust community, Mũi Né had always been an all-time favorite seaside for ocean lovers, even if they are from Russia or those hunting down the finest Vietnam tour packages from US to sign up for. Today, there is no need to explain why Vietnamese locals always see Mũi Né as their first priority, yet set aside some time to reveal a brand new white castle located in an absolute serenity on the outskirt of Mũi Né hectic downtown, the Mũi Né Bay Resort.


Mũi Né Bay Resort

Make a short trip around Mũi Né Bay

Lying completely far off from Mũi Né downtown, Mũi Bé Bay Resort is an isolated huge castle in Mũi Né featured a stunning architecture of the mighty Champa, a long lost kingdom once ruled this part of Vietnam. Mũi Né Bay Resort is a brilliant fusion between a log-founded decoration and a modern breath, and this is exactly what you will figure out when setting foot on this site.


Welcome in

During your pleasant stay here, what is expected to bring out an utmost pleasure at Mũi Né Bay Resort is the perfect ready-made breakfast offered to welcome your amazing morning each day. What you should exact to experience is enjoying this tasty high-end meal in the middle of the upscale interior.


Vietnamese cuisine

Choosing to spend a night at this tranquil resort, you are advised to head to the Vietnamese culinary section to fully get the best actual taste of Vietnamese most common breakfast choices in the ivory-like mansion. You can choose to have pancakes, spicy beef noodles, Phở, and the list goes on. Otherwise, from eggs, salad, bread to cakes, puddings, jelly and a lot more are always available to start your day. Hence, either if you are sorting out a tour to Mũi Né from the Eastern continents or searching for some best Vietnam tour packages from US, this stunning resort has it all to adapt every single of your needs.



One thing you ought to note down is that each day from 3 pm to 5 pm, Mũi Né Bay Resort is serving high tea (afternoon tea) at an outdoor restaurant found right next to the swimming pool. This is completely free, which makes you may think twice before skipping this amazing service for some other activities else.


Infinite grass field


Outdoor swimming pool

Guess what! There are a lot more to experience nut just a leisure stay at Mũi Né Bay

Mũi Né Bay Resort is a place that blends so well with the surrounding nature with full of the freshest greenery found at the enormous gardens and on the vast greenish grass fields. Within several steps from the swimming pool, the sea is right there to welcome you. Mũi Né Bay Resort owns two significant private beaches with an absolute tranquility, which observes the fishing boats leaving offshore when the Sun is on. This poetic scene turns your morning view into a remarkable Chinese-ink painting. You can rent a canoe or a kayak boat to reach this far-off site of the ocean after coming back from one of your Vietnam tour packages. An average price for a boat is around VND 150.000 and 500.000 for a canoe.


White walls

What makes Mũi Né Bay Resort even better than most of the lodges in the same area is a service of providing day tours visiting popular landmarks of the town such as Bàu Trắng (White sand swamp), Mũi Né fishing village, Suối Tiên (fairy stream) and so on. Each tour is designed with a duration of 5 hours and the selected means of transportation is a jeep. The whole package is set at VND 960.000 a jeep with a full capacity of 4 to 5 people.


Mũi Né jeep tour

Last but not least, one new activity offered by Mũi Né Bay Resort on every single Monday is a biking tour sneaking through the best in-depth sites of the town for a full insight of the locals’ daily life in Mũi Né. What you should expect to experience here is biking around the fishing village, which is usually regarded as the best memory throughout the entire trip. Hence, if any of your best Vietnam tour packages take you to this stunning resort when Monday comes, remember not to miss this ideal journey.


Mũi Né fishing village

Now, are you planning some Vietnam tour packages from US for your family or starting off from any other corners on Earth, the big name of Mũi Né Bay Resort is about to bring you the finest peaceful vibe you have always been long for.