Hidden spots for a summer run-away in Southern Vietnam

May comes hand in hand with the sweltering rains across the Southern land of the country. If you are not a local, or even a totally newbie taking the very first steps into this region during your travel to Southern Vietnam, the only choice of well-known destinations that everyone knows is not a good idea, instead, the crowds in these cities may make you feel even more stifling. Check out these four hidden travel spots below to chase the killing tropical heat away while still gaining a lot of fun.

Vàm Hồ Bird Park – Bến Tre Province

Covering the area of two different communes Mỹ Hoà and Tân Xuân in Ba Tri District, Bến Tre Province, Vàm Hồ bird park is roughly 52 kilometers away from Bến Tre city center. Vàm Hồ is initially a salt marsh and home to various types of wild flora species. This is also a dwelling of thousands of flying feathered, especially storks and bitterns. Vàm Hồ bird park is a spectacular ecosystem and typical for the coastal salt marsh topography in Mekong Delta. Beyond, the park owns biological values and great potential to be developed into a symbolic ecotourism site. Even though the site is still young in terms of operation duration, Vàm Hồ is fast becoming an iconic travel spot for Bến Tre dwellers and Mekong locals in general. If you are in search of a hidden spot beside the top tourist attractions in Southern Vietnam, do not pass by this site.


Storks in Vàm Hồ



Trà Sư Cajuput Forest – An Giang Province

Trà Sư cajuput forest holds in itself a quintessential ecosystem in the area of Western Hậu River salt marsh, which imposingly leaves a unique impression in visitors’ mind. This cajuput forest is home to plenty of bird species, a huge greenish natural lake featured sunny-colored common sesban and an immense network of canals. When flooding season hits An Giang, Trà Sư cajuput forest is always the most sought-after destinations in the community of nature lovers. Not to mention, the site is commonly picked for the best designed Vietnam off the beaten track tours by local operators.


Trà Sư in the flooding season

Victoria Núi Sam Lodge – An Giang Province

The third-ranking belongs to a hotel this time, which may be considered a little bit strange at your first impression. However, everything happens for a reason. Victoria Núi Sam Lodge is regarded as the most high-end accommodation in An Giang Province. This hotel lies on the slope of Sam Mountain and clandestine in the middle of pristine natural landscape surrounded by a canal system and holy shrines. What makes Victoria Núi Sam Lodge favored by Mekong natives is an experience of swimming in an open space viewing toward the vast rice paddy beyond. When going for a swim here, besides an opportunity to wallow yourselves in the refreshing water in the middle of a sunny summer day, you can zoom out to the massive breathtaking rice fields enclosed by poetic mountain ranges. Moreover, its strategic location allows you to pay a visit to the city’s main attractions.

The Pirate Islands – Kiên Giang Province

The Pirate Islands, or Đảo Hải Tặc in the local term, in Kiên Giang Province, has long been referred to as a quaint destination along with its given name. Indeed, this is a complex of 16 islands in total, amongst which, Tre Islet was recorded to be the largest one. The site is nearly 28 kilometers away from Hà Tiên Beach and 40 kilometers away from Phú Quốc Island. Most of the lands are well covered in jungles, circled by ocean and wild escarpment. On the site, besides getting to learn more about the islands’ historical stories, you will have a chance to chase all your stress away and having an own moment hiding from the hustle and bustle of the mainland. Beyond, adding several must-have sites from Kiên Giang mainland themselves through a help of various Southern Vietnam tours would seem to not be a bad idea.


Tre Islet


The complex from above

These four hidden gems will surely not let you down. Obviously, famous attractions and cities are definitely not something you should not go for. For example, besides all of these above, you can totally consider Côn Sơn Island, Phú Quốc Island, Vũng Tàu coastal city and the rest of the Mekong Delta. However, revealing the undiscovered will bring you even more fun, to which we refer, Vietnam off the beaten track tours.