Drown in the candid Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival – Why not?

Basically, the presence of Vietnamese festivals has somehow lived up the candid culture of the country in each of its regional city. Mekong Delta, a large wetland taking up the whole ending segment of the country was born pretty later than the rest of Vietnam, yet still able to successfully come up with a wide range of traditional activities, while gastronomy is a huge part of which. Today, we will talk about one of the most sought-after events that every Vietnam travel agency loves to introduce, the Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival in Cần Thơ City.


The candid Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival

What to know about this annual gastronomy event?

Rather than a contest or a dining occasion itself, Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival is an annual event celebrated by Cần Thơ citizens with a view to welcoming big national events upcoming, which include the Anniversary of Vietnamese Communist Party on February 3rd, Reunification Day on April 30th and the Hùng Kings Commemoration Day on Lunar March 10th. This is one of a few occasions helloVietnam tour operator is extremely looking forward to bringing to its guests given several reasons listed below.


Things you have not tried before

Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival is a cultural celebration aimed at bringing the traditional desserts brought by native Mekong Delta dwellers for the past few decades to a whole new level, by introducing their presence to outlander visitors as well as creating an opportunity for all Vietnamese and foreigners to taste such special and authentic desserts. Other than that, the event helps to preserve such special gastronomy through times.


A pancakes booth

A spectacular image of 1028 Southern traditional cake festival

For those who had not embraced a chance to visit Cần Thơ during the moment Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival took place last April this year, here are our Vietnam travel reviews towards what you have missed. This big event lasted for four days sharp from the 25th to the 29th of April 2018, which attracted over 200 booths coming to display their own products and creations. These included traditional cakes, folk cuisine, regional delicacies, and essential bakery tools. The celebration did not only appeal a huge attention of dessert lovers only yet also a massive attendance of various organizations and artisans inside out of the city.


2018 event

Apart from Cần Thơ, there were up to 20 other cities and provinces up and down the length of Vietnam had contributed to the success of the festival. In addition to the domestic attendance of Vietnamese natives, 7 other foreign neighbors had come over bringing their own exhibitions. They were Japan, France, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and Italia.


A huge number of visitors

Rather than just a food exposition itself, the festival delivers a splendid look into various stages in a traditional cake-making procedure. These can be counted as grinding flour, smashing young rice, shaping mung bean cakes and a lot more. Besides local Vietnamese gastronomy, there was a diversification displayed by the Chinese, Cham, and Khmer communities.


Bakery contest

This year, organization came up with a separate buffet serving all types of cakes you can possibly think of. The section was arranged in a private compartment well equipped with air conditioner and over 50 kinds of Southern desserts. Have you ever had a chance to try Vietnamese sweeten pudding? A short trip to the event this year would probably grant you an opportunity to try almost 50 different sweet desserts and beverages. Except for those dining activities, you might get to have more fun when taking part in its compartment of folk games.


Various outdoor activities

Each year is expected to come up with a different scheme of the festival, and 2018 theme would be “The cradle of hometown cakes”. If you had visited the campus with a Vietnam local tour operator, then you might catch sight of a huge lengthy 3D painting illustrating the Southern Vietnamese dessert road.

After 7 years of developing diversified concepts, 2018 Southern Vietnamese folk cake festival had extended its content by welcoming technology fans with a section of “The technology of preserving and packing traditional folk cakes”, calligraphy, the making of sushi as well as Mekong Delta antique display.

If you, unfortunately, missed the event this year, no worries, you can totally come back in the upcoming years as the occasion is annually organized. The next time you arrive, remember to bring along a trusted Vietnam travel agency for a deep insight.

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