Bình An – The one and only drum-making village in Southern Vietnam

As a part of Tân Trụ District, Long An Province, Bình An is the one and only traditional drum-making village all over the land of Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Thanks to its unlikeness, Bình An is now a special focal point in the local of Long An Province in particular and the whole of Mekong Delta in general. In spite of the fact that being a newly emerging tourist attraction, Bình An holds a great potential to be a next big hit in the category of Mekong Delta tour.

The history of Bình An traditional craft village

When interviewed to give the initial point where Bình An was officially born, the natives cited that their hometown dated back to 200 years ago, in the form of a long-founded hereditary career. Most of the dwellers in Bình An Village have followed their lifeblood profession for dozens of years. The first man believed to develop such craft is Nguyễn Văn Tỵ.

Legend is that Tỵ, during his trading day, figured out that people tended to throw away unused pieces of buffalo skins. Hence, he started bringing them back home, putting them for dryness under the Sun and learned the method of producing drums. As Tỵ passed away, his blood latter generations moved on with the given career and decided to put them for sale as a professional activity. As time goes by, houses in the village of Bình An have started to bring the job into a whole new level, which makes it a long-established Mekong Delta culture.


Visiting a family

Hand-made drums and the sophisticating progress

As discovered, each drum requires a painstaking process of 20 segments in total. In order to be capable of creating a good-quality drum, an artisan must obtain good health, cleverness and proper scrupulosity. Questioning yourself on which type of element used to produce drums like this? The answer was recorded to be Oak tree, a specific type of wood widely used for the making of finely artistic handicrafts due to its available strength and stability. After being well selected, each wooden bar would be dried out in the Sun outdoor, cut, curved and processed through various stages.


Oak trees

Regarding the making of drum surface, as mentioned, buffalo skins are firstly dried out by getting stretched with a square steel frame. Later on, the skins are well smoothed before being put atop a ready-made drum so as to release a good echo and pure sound.


The final stage

Bình An drums are stable, attractive with a resounding echo and a melodious tone. Because of such, the reputation of Bình An drum-making village has been spread to a large surrounding area, and Saigon is one of that. You can almost find the presence of An Bình drums at various Buddhist temples in Hồ Chí Minh City such as Tịnh Viên Pagoda or Long An Pagoda in Kiên Giang Province. Other than that, Bình An drums are widely exported to the United States of America, Australia and a lot more. If you are the one to hear of the brand Bình An long before in your home country, then signing up for a Mekong Delta tour for family may sound good.


Inside a family factory

The presence of drums in Vietnamese daily life

In terms of usage of drums in Vietnam, drums have been seen as an icon of schools. The item releases a similar loving sound when break time comes. Inside the solemn temples of pagodas, a drum is always a must-have part of holy ceremonies. When Lunar New Years is around the corner, the splendid parade dancing of unicorns and dragons on the streets will be an absolute lack of fun without the echoes coming from the hand-made drums. Now, why not searching for a good Vietnam culture tour during the special occasions of Vietnam in Long An and get to absorb the candid sound of Bình An drums?


School drums

With our secretive reveal above, now you have for yourself a whole new fun alternative where to visit in a Mekong Delta tour. Do not forget to ask for a companion of a local guide and claim the best insight.

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