Visit 5 fruit-kingdoms in the best South Vietnam group tours

Going in one of the South Vietnam group tours will be your most fascinating experiences in Vietnam. Let’s look at the 5 following orchards and see what you will be experiencing.

My Khanh Tourist Garden


my khanh orchard (source: Internet)

Fruit gardens are something that you cannot miss when traveling to Southern Vietnam. My Khanh Tourist Garden is one of the most prominent ones. Its orchard is situated on a vast area of about 12 hectares and has over 20 types of fruits. They grow one by one next to each other along the main path to the garden.

You can contemplate a lot of unique fruits of Southern Vietnam, such as mangos, rambutans, jackfruits, durians, and so on. All the tree branches are filled with fruits, which is extremely eye-catchy. Moreover, because farmers here follow safe processes and restrictions for planting, the fruits in the orchards are all fresh and sweet.

You will feel completely relaxed when enjoying them. The peaceful scenery where fruits growing all places can make your worries disappear. There are many thatched-roof houses inside My Khanh Garden so you can visit it take a rest, and feel the simple life of farmers in Southern Vietnam.

  • Address: 335 Lo Vong Cung Street, My Khanh Commune, Phong Dien Town, Can Tho City.

Lai Thieu Orchard


Lai thieu orchard (source: Internet)

Located about 10 kilometers from Thu Dau Mot Commune, Lai Thieu Orchard in Binh Duong Province is well-known for numerous different types of tropical fruits. From May to August, it is the ripening season of the fruits so the orchard is often very crowded. Therefore, you can make your way to Lai Thieu fruit garden as a weekend destination and enjoy the pure air here.

The orchard spreads on 6 communes as well as quarters with an area of 1,200 hectares. This is a long-standing region for growing fruits and has been over 200 years old. The most popular fruits here are durians, jackfruits, bong bong, and especially Lai Thieu mangosteens. They are considered the most flavorful among those in Southern Vietnam.

You will be able to enjoy your holiday while lying on hammocks and eating fruits in the garden. In case you want to try watching the riverside scenery, taking a boat ride at Cau Ngang Wharf will be an excellent idea. 

  • Address: Lai Thieu Town, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province

Long Khanh Orchard


Long Khanh orchard

Long Khanh Orchard has always been one of the top destinations in Southern Vietnam. Eco-tourism is well-developed here because it is very famous for fruits. Annually, from March to April, the orchard is full of tourists. Ripe rambutans and durians are the reasons why. Visiting Long Khanh, tourists will have a chance to see thousands of trees growing together.

You will love walking in the garden and contemplating the red rambutans, hanging on branches. Also, strawberries which are about to mature look extremely charming in yellow. And in the wind, the delicate odor of durians will invade your mind. One of the most interesting services of Long Khanh Orchard is that you can climb trees and pick fruits yourself.

Then, just ask the orchard owners to weigh them and you can have them right in the garden. If you travel in large groups, you can buy a whole tree to pick fruits.

  • Address: Long Khanh Commune, Dong Nai Province

Cai Mon Orchard


Cai Mon orchard

If you would like to visit some “very-Southern-Vietnam” orchards, Cai Mon will be an ideal place. The name “Cai Mon” was given hundreds of years ago by the locals due to the soil fertility. It attracts thousands of bees and birds all year round. “Cai” means a large canal and “Mon” means honey in the Khmer language.

Cai Mon is regarded as the land of sweet fruits in Cho Lach Town. Every year, on May 5 on the Lunar Calendar, many fruit festivals are organized here, drawing millions of travelers to come and go for sightseeing. You will love the orchard at first sight. Ripe fruits with different colors and flavors are always like inviting you to try them and bring them home.

Not only will you have an opportunity to walk around the orchard but you can also enjoy the fruits on the spot. Particularly, when you follow the owners picking fruits, they will introduce each type of tree and show you how they take care of them to have the most productive seasons.

Address: Vinh Thanh Commune, Cho Lach Town, Ben Tre Province

Cai Be Orchard


Cai Be orchard

You will not be asking where to go around Saigon anymore after discovering Cai Be Orchard. As the region having the largest number of fruits in Southern Vietnam, Cai Be Orchard is given a lot of advantages by Mother Nature. Understanding the benefits of the land, the farmers here have learned various cultivation techniques to make Cai Be Orchard a giant center of fruit production.

At the present, the orchard is located on an area of 15,000 hectares. There are nearly a hundred types of fruits here, such as Nam Roi Grapefruits, longans, durians, oranges, guavas, apples, and so on. No matter what time you visit Cai Be Orchard, you will have a chance to enjoy fruits of all 4 seasons.

Moreover, Southern specialties will also be served when you book South Vietnam group tours in advance. Roasted gourami, snake-head fishes, and duck meat porridge are some examples. 

  • Address: Along Tien riverside, Cai Be Town, Tien Giang Province