Three perfect choices for breakfast in the coastal city, Vung Tau

Among Vietnam private tours, a tour to Vung Tau stands out for its stunning landscape and delicious cuisines. Banh Khot or My Thay are the must-try dishes for tourists while discovering what to eat in Vung Tau Vietnam.

Here are some suggestions for your Vung Tau trip this summer.

Banh Khot

Banh Khot is a very famous dish that almost every visitor of Vung Tau has already tried. The cake will be poured on a small mold, added with a shrimp or a piece of octopus. Once getting ripe, the cake will be set into different dishes, usually served with raw vegetables such as green cabbage, lettuce, perilla, etc. Moreover, pickled papaya and a cup of sweet and sour sauce are definitely indispensable for a complete try.


Banh khot

During your Vietnam food tour in Vung Tau, you may see a wide range of food stores serving Banh Khot, from luxurious restaurants to street vendors such as Co Ba, Ba Hai, Ut Loan, etc

Banh Canh Gio Heo (Pork Leg Noodles)

The main ingredients of this mouth-watering cuisine are rice noodle, pork leg, fresh onions, and fried onions, which make all the people passing by food stores of Pork leg noodles want to have a stopover immediately to enjoy it. You can try the restaurant located right at the gate of Ba Ria directing to Vung Tau or try this dish at Vung Tau market with just from 45,000 VND per big hot bowl of noodles.


Banh canh gio heo

The noodles used for this dish is usually opaque white, soft but not easy to be broken. The broth is permeated with the scent of the sea due to its stewed ingredients such as fish, shrimp, and bone. If you do not like to eat pork, you can call lean meat noodles or shrimp noodles, etc. although Pork leg noodles are the most favorable.

My Thay (Tossed Noodles)

Even if you have experienced many tours to Vietnam, you can still hardly find a place that serves this unique dish, tossed noodles.

Throughout many years of hereditary generations, the Tossed noodle store on Ba Cu street near Vung Tau is no longer strange to diners. Right when you step into the food store, you will see the chef tossing noodles very artistically and attractively. Noodles will be divided into equal parts before being put into a racket to preliminarily boil. While dipping noodles in hot water, the chef also “tosses” them into the air several times before draining them into the bowl. This is what creates the special attraction of this small restaurant.


My thay

No grease can be seen in the broth in this restaurant. It is total clarity and sweet thanks to stewed bones and ribs. Diners can order noodles with ribs, or big chewy beef. If possible, you should also try some “hoanh thanh”, another popular dish of this restaurant.