The most attractive destinations in Hau Giang

Hau Giang attracts tourists by the idyllic beauty of peaceful countryside painting with rice fields bowls, rich canals, and quiet life. The rivers, the fields, the beautiful nature, and historical achievements are the special characteristics of Hau Giang tourism. Travelers discover Hau Giang, the place of freshness and the smiles of generous local people, bearing the colors of the Western tourists.


Hau Giang – the destination not to be ignored in Mekong delta group tours

The first destination not to be missed in Mekong Delta tours is Lung Ngoc Hoang nature reserve. Lung Ngoc Hoang is the name of the famous low, flooded area, located in Phuong Binh Commune, Phung Hiep District, Hau Giang Province. This is a protected area of rare biodiversity in the charm mangrove forests, sugar cane, rice, bamboo.

When going to Lung Ngoc Hoang, visitors can rent rubber boats and sail deeply into the creeks. Visitors can enjoy themselves in the fresh air with the sound of the birds chirping around. Besides, visitors can find a small fishing rod and then sit comfortably.


Lung Ngoc Hoang ecotourism has attracted more birds to live and reproduce

Located in Tan Phu Thanh Commune, Chau Thanh District, Hau Giang Province, it is Tam Vu eco-tourism area. It is the next place in the trip to explore Hau Giang. Tam Vu ecotourism has the characteristics of culture, the tradition of the locality, many rare animal groups and a tropical fruit tree ecosystem. This was Tam Vu revolutionary vestige in the past.


Tam Vu – the historical relic at the national level

In the vast space of lotus lake and bonsai gardens, orchards and mangrove forests, visitors will feel the quiet, cool space here. Here, tourists can enjoy a variety of entertainment services such as yachting, fishing, hiking, listening to music, visiting Monkey Island. In addition, when coming to the Tam Vu eco-tourism, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the history of Vietnam. There are the monuments, the walls having a picture of the historical battle in the past in Tam Vu. Therefore, Tam Vu is the tourist attraction in Mekong Delta group tours.

Traveling to Hau Giang, visitors do not forget to take part in floating market tours. Tourists remember to visit Nga Bay- Phung Hiep Floating Market. Floating market is the deep cultural indigenous not only of Hau Giang but also of Cuu Long River area. The soul of the river is the floating market because it stores the past with the present, habits, customs and is the creation of the economic culture of the ancestors. Nga Bay- Phung Hiep Floating Market can be considered as the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta. This is the convergence of seven branches with rustic names such as Cai Con, Bung Tau, Mang Ca, Soc Trang, Lai Hieu, Xeo Mon, Xeo Dong.


Nga Bay – Phung Hiep Floating Market can be considered as the largest floating market in the Mekong Delta

The market is about 30km away from Can Tho downtown. Since the sun has not yet dawned, Nga Bay Floating Market has been crowded with boats with a rustic way of shopping but very unique and impressive. Hundreds of small and large boats park closely, trading in wholesale of fruits, agricultural products of the local.

The next place is Long My, one of the destinations not to be missed in Mekong Delta group tours. Long My was a revolutionary base of Hau Giang Province and the southwestern region during the two wars of resistance against the French and American. Long My is a fertile countryside, immense rice fields, and fruit trees.


Long My is a land between U Minh and Hau Giang, the area of melaleuca forests 200 years ago

An 8m high statue at the center of the monument is the first impression that visitors can see when visiting Long My. Behind the statue is a 20m high water coconut leaf, symbolizing for the land of Long My. Inside the vestige has a gallery with valuable images and objects about the wars taking place in the area.


Coming to Long My, tourists do not forget to visit Uncle Ho Temple, the victory relic

In addition to the tourist attractions, Hau Giang is a land of wild nature. Whether visiting the tourist spots or just walking around the streets or country roads, visitors also see the much charming scenery. On the trip to Hau Giang, travelers also have the opportunity to witness close- up work, fishing of gentle people.

Moreover, delicious dishes which play a role to make abundant Mekong cuisine are not ignored when coming to Hau Giang. These are many dishes such as the fish dishes, Cai Tac porridge.