South Vietnam group tours to Tan Lap floating village. Sure to have fun

Tan Lap Floating Tourist Area in Moc Hoa district – Long An province is famous for its vast mangrove forests and mysterious roads leading to the forest. Let’s have a South Vietnam group tour to discover this place.

Located in the center of Dong Thap Muoi, Tan Lap floating tourist village in Tan Lap commune, Moc Hoa district, Long An province, about 15km south of the Cambodian border. This is a destination suitable for photo enthusiasts and wants to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. If you plan to visit some other places, it can be combined with Floating Pagoda, medicinal garden or to Tan Hiep border gate for shopping. This place worth a spot in your list of Top destinations in South Vietnam.


Road in Tan Lap village

With an area of 135ha, a 500ha buffer zone is planned to build the typical tourist area of Long An in particular and the Dong Thap Muoi wetlands in general. Visiting this floating village, you will be immersed in the typical nature of the Southern River. The resort is about 5 hectares with guest houses and management place, parks and marina area. The remaining is 130ha is Melaleuca forest with 5km of cement road. You can go to the forest by canoe or walk.

You can visit this Best places in Southern Vietnam in two ways:

First: From Saigon, follow the National Highway 1A to the city of Tan An (Long An) about 40km -> Continue along Highway 62 to Moc Hoa District about 62km to the Tan Lap floating village.

Second: Depart from the center of Cu Chi town towards Ben Luc district (Long An) about 70km until the crossroads turn 35km to the Tan Lap floating village.


Tan Lap from above

If you do not know the way, you can ask people around them will guide you. After buying a tour ticket is 50k (including rowing boat) or 130k (including motorboat or boat). The boat driver will guide you to explore the vast swamp, green vegetation or can walk the boat to see the beautiful lotus pond or special place – the Tram Birds forest (Dong Thap).

Traveling to Tan Lap floating village in Long An, you can usually come back in a day and therefore, you do not need to rent rooms. If you want to stay overnight to further explore more places, you can rent accommodation in the area of Kien Tuong commune about 5km away. The fee might range from 50-70 thousand Vietnam dong per night.

In addition, if you go in groups, can camp, sleep overnight in the Melaleuca forests, enjoy barbecues, picnics, campfire, team-building, etc. You can contact the center of the resort to rent tends.

You can also join the life of the villagers and idyllic here. You can go fishing, bake fish and prepare your own food according to the instructions of the people here. This rustic and relaxed amusement will be your most enjoyable experience. Beautiful scenery, beautiful road, fresh will give you the best time ever.


Boat to Tan Lap

Foodservice in the Tan Lap floating village is not very developed, so when visiting here you should be prepared food to lining the road travel. Come here, you can enjoy the typical dishes of the South West such as hot pot chicken, crispy fried fish, prized fish or fried eel sausage, etc. The food here is quite good and cheap, the price is only about 100,000 VND per dish. You can also enjoy a delicious meal with the characteristic dishes of Dong Thap Muoi such as braised perch, fish and sour soup, etc. If you get trophies from the fishing on the boat, lobster, snake, etc. you can also roll the lotus leaf and roast it was delicious, wild and relaxed moments are very comfortable. This place will be the most memorable place in your Travel to South Vietnam.

During flood season, water will flood the roads through the forest so you should not go at this time. If you want to visit this season, you can contact the garden center to see whether it is appropriate to visit or not.