Overview of the mesmerizing West Cat Tien Primitive Forest

In case you are questioning about what the best tours in Vietnam for 2018 will be, South Vietnam group tour to the breathtaking West Cát Tiên Primitive Forest is probably one of the best choices. This article will give you the most appropriate Vietnam tour operators review about the Western Cat Tien and some useful tips that you may need if you have chosen the tour for your summer vacation.

1. What you need to know about West Cat Tien Primitive Forest

Probably, Cát Tiên is just for everyone. Despite whoever you are, even if you are a nature lover or a not-so-fond-of-the-forest, even if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life or you are simply seeking for a breeze of tranquility, Cát Tiên is all you need. Cát Tiên or Cát Tiên National Park is located in the South of Vietnam, which owns a very distinctive environment for the growth of a diverse body of tropical flora and fauna. Hence, it is not hard to explain for the appearance of the two most famous and unique watery topographies filled with Ramsar in Cát Tiên, which have been recognized by the UNESCO in the top 8 World Biosphere Reserves in 1998.


The lush greenery covers on a road of Cat Tien

What will leave you with excitement is that Cát Tiên is never solely about exploring nature or finding to what we regard as the most original but it is also a thrilling journey of bringing to mind the “cultural intersection” of the longest and the most typical ethnics around the corner. Here in Cát Tiên, you observe and witness the perfect harmony of both nature and people. You will be brought to the inner and profound story of the Mạ people in Cát Lộc or living in the sound of history brought by the ancient Stieng in Đồng Nai. The time for a journey is ever restricted but the experience will forever live on.


The mesmerizing Nam Cat Tien

As time is limited, you will surely like to double the joy with your beloved ones because Cát Tiên is never to be possessed alone but is one of the most intriguing Vietnam tours for family. As being protected since 1978, Cát Tiên National Park, also known as CTNP, is a great complex of more than 720 km2 including Tây Cát Tiên (West Cát Tiên) and Nam Cát Tiên (South Cát Tiên). And here, we are taking you to the West Cát Tiên located in the area Bù Đăng and Đồng Phú provinces, which is approximately 150 kilometers from Hồ Chí Minh City. While Nam Cát Tiên is widely known for a diverse system of fauna restrictedly protected in the Red Book, Tây Cát Tiên is pre-eminent for the blooming in the richness of flora species, rare bird types and endangered animals such as rhino, Bonten, short-winged musk duck, and special mushroom species.


The mysterious beauty of Cat Tien

2. Time and vehicle

In the article, we try our best to give you the most detailed Vietnam tour operators review since there is not much information about a trip the West Cát Tiên compared to Cát Tiên in general and the South Cát Tiên.

Basically, you can just visit West Cát Tiên Primitive Forest at any time that you feel like traveling. Since the place is located in the protected area of Cát Tiên National Park, the flora, as well as fauna, are guaranteed with an appropriate inhabitance for living and existing. Therefore, the general biosphere found around the area of Cát Tiên is mainly suitable for the growth of tropical species rather than temperate ones.


Cat Tien at dawn

About the vehicles, you can easily choose between motorcycle and coach. If you are a lone traveler and are confident about your knowledge of Vietnam, a long-way motorcycle trip will surely suit you better than a short trip by coach. However, as in our Vietnam tour operators review, it is advisory that you should take a coach trip for your own safety and convenience.

As for a motorcycle road trip, you will have to rent for a motorbike, have your international license and the map ready. If you drive from Hồ Chí Minh City, just keep yourself on the Highway following the direction to Đà Lạt until you reach the Tà Lài T-junction of Tân Phú Suburban District. Here you turn left and keep driving 24 kilometers more and you should be at Cát Tiên National Park in no time.


The infinitive green area from above

In case you want to travel by coach by yourself, 80.000vnd is the price for a trip that takes you straight from the city to the entrance of the park. However, from the main gate, you still have to travel quite far in order to reach to the desired destination. Therefore, if you travel by coach in the first place, you will have to spend another 100.000 – 200.000vnd for renting a motorbike. On the other hand, bicycle is also not a bad choice. However, you should choose yourself a mountain bike because it is more suitable for the topography of Cát Tiên. You can have your vehicle rented at the hotels in the park. Nevertheless, if you have booked a Vietnam group tour, all you need to do is waiting for the most exciting adventure without worrying a bit about renting a motorbike or booking for a coach operator.

3. The amazement that West Cat Tien may give

General speaking, West Cát Tiên Primitive Forest will give you the most accurate and complete sensation of true nature in the echo of wildlife and tranquility. Here you the West Cát Tiên, you will find yourself wandering about each corner of the forest, learning about different species and casting your eyes over the spectacular beauty created by the great nature.


The wild nature of Cat Tien

The West Cát Tiên is one of the three main sections of Cát Tiên National Park, which were all united to form Cát Tiên National Part including Nam Cát Tiên, Tây Cát Tiên and Cát Lộc in the North of Cát Tiên. Whereas in Cát Lộc, you can easily witness the life of the endangered one-horn Java Rhino, or get the cozy feeling of sinking in the watery region of Ramsar in Nam Cát Tiên, Tây Cát Tiên guides you to the inner part of the forest to explore the diverse floor of flora with distinctive mushroom types, and the beautiful Dream Stream (Suối Mơ) in Đồng Nai.


The astounding Dream Stream

Usually, a trip to discover the whole Cát Tiên takes about 4 days. However, if you just intend to stay at the West Cát Tiên, a two-day trip would be the most ideal.  Therefore, if you stay at the place overnight, take the chance to have yourself “a night hunt” to explore the late-night life of wild animals going out for their “late supper” or gathering around for a warm campfire.

4. Useful tips and advice

The first advice in this article about our Vietnam tour operators review for a West Cát Tiên trip is that you should equip yourself well with hiking tools and supports. You should also wear comfortable clothes and hiking shoes or sneakers because there will be lots of climbing and trekking. Long-sleeve shirts and pants are recommended because there can be many small insects in the forest and so you should protect yourself well.


Suoi Mo tourism complex

In case you book for a tour, you should still be aware of the danger in the forest, especially at night. Therefore, a first-aid kit is what you should bring along in your pocket.

The national park is a wild region but services are still provided and offered as needed. You do not have to worry about food because here in the West Cát Tiên, there are dozens of specialties that you can choose from with a very reasonable price. You can easily find them in restaurants or hotels in the region.

If you are staying for the night, you can campfire outdoor with your friends. However, this not recommended for your own safety. There are many hotels in the national park that you can book a very cheap price per night for a person or groups of travelers ranging from just 200.000vnd.

There are still many things about Cát Tiên that only if you explore for on your own can you fully feel the excitement bursting in your vain. Above is some general information that we would like to give you on your tour to Cát Tiên. Since it is likely that you will book for a tour, there is nothing much to worry about because you have been covered with mostly everything you need.