Mui Ke Ga- a wonderful destination for a Mui Ne tour

If you are planning to enjoy a Mui Ne tour for your trip, do not forget Mui Ke Ga, an attractive destination for those who fall in love with the wild and majestic beauty. The followings will give you a deep understanding of this place.

Mui Ke Ga is located in Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province. It takes about one and a haft hour on driving from Mui Ne to Mui Ke Ga. On the way to this destination, you will absolutely fascinating when going across the road that one side is the mountain, another one is the sea along with a series of high-quality resorts. Although the road is quite long, you do not feel tired anymore.


The sea in Ke Ga

This is a truly great site for a Mui Ne tour for the family. You will get a lot of interesting experiences as well as the amazing activities when exploring Mui Ke Ga with your family. You will be impressed by the blue water, the stone yards of different sizes under the sunlight. If you take a look to the Southwest, you will be interested in the white sand. All these create a wonderful beauty for Mui Ke Ga.


The stone in Ke Ga

Visiting Mui Ke Ga is known as one of the best tours in Vietnam. When the boat lands on the island, you will see the wonderful scenery. The big stones are outside like a protecting wall the island from the waves. It will be luckier if you come to the place on a nice day with the nice weather and blue sky. If you would like to walk on the rocks, be careful because the rocks are very slippery. There is no specific route on the island, you only need to step over the rocks, walk toward the grass and head toward the lighthouse.


The Ke Ga lighthouse

It is free to visit the island but to go inside and climb to the lighthouse, you have to pay 30,000 VND. The lighthouse was built in 1890, however; it still stands proudly without the sign of age. The stairs to the lighthouse are spiral stairs. Climbing to the top, you will be surprised by the spectacular view. From here, you will get a 360- degree view of the beautiful scenery.

A Mui Ne Phan Thiet tour to Ke Ga will never be wasting. The white stones at different shapes and sizes scattering on the coast bring you a unique surrounding. The combination of waves, rocks, sand, and water create a perfect place. You can enjoy the whirlpool, swim near the beach or wander along the beach to capture the beautiful moments.


Hon Ba

In addition, Hon Ba is a small island having the famous lighthouse among the sea. The canoe service to the island (by the locals) has a round-trip ticket that costs 50,000 VND. On the canoe, they prepare the life jacket, along with the friendly, plain attitudes of the locals.

The lighthouse in Hon Ba is known as the most ancient lighthouse in Southeast Asia. Built by the French in 1899, the lighthouse is the eye of the sea for the boats passing through this area. The tower is located 25 meters from the sea. It is 41 meters from the base of the tower to its top and has the radius scanning 22 nautical miles.


The spiral stairs

Ke Ga lighthouse brings a classic Western beauty and is considered as a precious artwork made entirely from granite. It has a beautiful mesmerizing architecture that attracts you at the first sight. After climbing 183 spiral stairs and up to the top of the lighthouse, you will watch an immense view. It is a truly unforgettable experience in the Mui Ne tour for the family.  

Ke Ga lighthouse with a strong stand soars on the blue sky as a confirmation of the position between a beautiful sea, blue turquoise of the blue sky, the white of the long sandy beaches, the blue lagoons, and the pink marble. All these create a pristine and peaceful heaven.


The fish market in Ke Ga

Moreover, when you explore Mui Ke Ga, do not forget to visit the fishing village with the full sound of the fish market to begin a new day. Although it is only a small village, the developing history is up to 116 years. Nowadays, the wild, rustic, and natural features are still maintained and preserved.

The above are some interesting information about Mui Ke Ga. Hope that it will be useful for your Mui Ne tour to get a nice trip with a lot of memorable experiences.