Enjoying the simple breakfast on the Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market is located on a tributary of the Hau River (Can Tho). It is not only a place for buying and selling activities of locals, but also a famous tourist attraction. When the sun has not yet appeared, numerous boats carrying goods are moving to the market, along with the boats carrying visitors to explore the floating market tour of the West Region.


Cai Rang Floating Market

The floating market starts from the early morning with a lot of different items from vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes, squashes, gourds, cassavas, etc. to rice, sweet gruel, cakes, etc. Especially, the fact that every activity happens on a boat on the river does not prevent any eating and drinking activities of tourists. The boats are full of tasty dishes, cooking supplies attracting travelers every time passing through. You just need to sit still, call any boat and then you are able to enjoy the rich flavor of the floating market food tour of the West.


Fresh fruits

There are a lot of options for visitors to choose, in which the noodles (hu tieu) are the most familiar. Just with noodles, plus a few pieces of pork, a sprinkling of bean sprouts and green onions, we will have a delicious meal. The feeling of holding chopsticks and eating noodles on the boat will make you feel extremely excited.

Vermicelli (Bun rieu) is also one of the dishes which impress the diners by the characteristic shrimp sauce. A bowl of vermicelli soup is extremely eye-catching with the red color of the tomato, the green one of green onions, along with the meat, the aromatic shrimp sauce flavor, and the spicy chili. It is obviously one of the must-try dishes on your floating market tour.


Fresh vermicelli with meat on the floating market

Having no spring rolls or grilled beef in wild betal leaves that we often see, a portion of vermicelli with grilled meat (bun thit nuong) on the rustic Cai Rang River simply includes fresh vermicelli, some pieces of meat and raw vegetables. Pork is cut into small pieces, marinated with various spices and pre-grilled. When sold to diners, the processor will grill them again to re-heat until the meat is soft and fragrant and then put in the plastic box.

Because of being on the boat, if the processors are not careful enough, they will easily spill food. Therefore, the cooking process requires the cook to be very careful and skillful. Still, the people here are still trading normally without any difficulty. A large number of hot and delicious bowls of vermicelli with grilled meat are continuously given from one to others.


Simple breakfast on the floating market

Another breakfast you should try in the Mekong Delta tours is pig’s tripe congee (chao long). Many people have to admit that a hot bowl of pig’s tripe congee on the boat is not as good as in the restaurants on the shore. It has just a few pieces of pork and pig liver, blood curd, adding some more bean sprouts and sliced green onions, but anyone who tastes this dish has totally loved and highly praised it.

In addition, banh mi with meat (banh mi thit) is also a common dish that you can easily find on those mobile food stalls. Just shout “Chi oi!” (which means “sister”) toward the boat and you will have a crispy loaf of banh mi with meat.

It will not be difficult for many people having a habit of drinking coffee in the early morning to find a coffee shop here. The menu of drinks in the “mobile boat” is also very diverse from soy milk, black coffee, milk coffee, tea, coconut milk to different types of sweet gruel, etc.


Coffee on the floating market

Breakfast on the Cai Rang floating market is simple, rustic but still keeps the soul of Vietnamese culinary culture in general and Mekong Delta cuisine in particular that has not been lost for the past hundreds of years. There, you not only enjoy the delicious flavor of the specialties, but you also feel the friendly life of the local people here, which makes many people do not hesitate to visit again.